"Fine art is created not to impress anyone‐
fine art is compulsive, inventive and unique‐
it speaks of the human condition and gives no apology.
It's an object of exploration, often not divulging its mystery."

Glowing with color, vibrating with dramatic contrasts of light and shadow, bursting with lively exhilaration ‐these are the paintings of Reba Savageau. Citing both Neo-Fauvism and Japanese sumi-e painting as influences while forging a path of her own, Savageau presents landscapes that we recognize with our spirits as well as our eyes, capturing how the land feels as well as how it looks. There is a transcendent awareness in Savageau's vistas‐besides being beauty-full, these are also places of energy, potential and abundance. Trees and fields seem to throb with life force, shadows offer palpable coolness, odd-angled old buildings reveal their histories and the lives that have inhabited them. The literary term "magical realism" is apropos to this work: While portraying the land realistically, Savageau unveils the magic that dwells there as well. Always, a bold celebratory blast of color carries the visual message: These are places of Life.

Reprinted with permission of Savageau Gallery, Denver, CO.

The Smith Mansion

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